Theory R Properties ( has just completed the final phase of a
multi-year expansion to Pierside Pavilion located at 300 Pacific Coast Highway
directly across from the Huntington Beach Pier. Theory R has owned the
property since 2002 and commenced a significant remodel and addition in 2016
to be constructed in three phases. Phase 1 consisted of a refacing and
expansion of the store fronts and was completed by renowned architect and
owner of Team Design, Jeff Bergsma. Mr. Bergsma designed the entire project
and all phases. Team Design worked in concert with Morris Construction on
Phase 2 and Phase 3 expanding the building to 120,000 square feet.

The expansion has added ground floor retail, 3rd and 4th story offices and an
outstanding 2nd story restaurant space overlooking the ocean with a private
elevator leading to rooftop dining. Pierside Pavilion located at 300 Pacific Coast
Highway is home to Huntington Surf and Sport, Volcom, Hurley, Fred’s
Mexican Cafe, BLK, and Gallaghers Pub and Grill. Flame Burger, INIS
Fragrances of Ireland, and Handel’s Ice Cream will be opening their new
spaces in the next several months.

Buddy Molway, Theory R’s Vice President stated “ I do not believe there is
anything comparable to the views offered by any restaurant space in Southern
California other than the ones in our building. We are excited with the
completion of the three phases and have already filled all the new office space
and most of the retail space with tenants that will attract business and visitors
to Huntington Beach. We fully expect to be at 100% by year end.”

Chris Morris, President of Morris Construction added “there is a lot of
complexity when constructing subterranean foundation below sea level”. We
were delighted to be selected by TheoryR for our expertise in this area and for
what has become an outstanding relationship and finish product”.

Molway added “ we could not be more delighted in working with Bergsma and
Morris on this project and look forward to doing so again on future projects.”

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